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Why JK Financial?

You Need a Financial Professional Who Can Relate
To Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Going

At JK Financial, we specialize in working with civil servants, to help ease fears about retiring at an early age, as well as, perhaps, transitioning to a new career. We do this by preparing a disciplined plan based on your wants and needs that is adaptable to changes in your life situation. 

Much like mountain climbing, the passion of our firm’s founder, retirement planning follows the same approach. With preparation and a clear path, we can help you successfully navigate your career and life choices. 

So, What Can You Expect From Our Partnership?

As a New York civil servant, you understand the importance of working with someone who can relate to the local community, its culture and history. Having spent 30 days on the rockpile during 9/11, Jonathan understands the challenges NYC overcame during those difficult times. He’s seen the tragedy firsthand and helped survivors and widows take advantage of the tax benefits provided for them thereafter.

Being able to directly relate to what you’re experiencing now, or what you’ve once gone through, we can help guide you through not only the complexities of retirement planning but the difficulties your job can throw your way. As a group, we firmly believe in providing solutions through:




Our Goal is to Provide You With an Objective Approach

While we can relate directly to the concerns you’re facing as a civil servant, we aim to provide objective advice and recommendations as your financial partner. We only have your best interest in mind as we develop strategies to help benefit the future you have in mind.

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